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St. Anthony of Padua Church, North Caldwell, N.J. - Traditional Latin Mass

  (UPDATED THROUGH P.L. 2005, c.92 AND JR6.)

16:1-1.  Incorporation of religious societies or congregations
    Every religious society or congregation of christians or of Israelites, otherwise called Hebrews or Jews, entitled to protection in the free use of their religion by the constitution and laws of this state, may assemble at their usual place of meeting for public worship, at any time agreed upon by them, after at least ten days' notice of the time and purpose of assembling, given by an advertisement set up in open view at or near the place of meeting and when so assembled a plurality of votes of the members of such society or congregation over twenty-one years of age who regularly contribute to its support and who are present at such meeting, may elect any number of such society or congregation to be its trustees for the purpose of incorporating such society or congregation as provided in section 16:1-2 of this title.
16:1-2.  Certificate;  contents;  recording;  effect on corporate existence
    The trustees shall make a certificate, under their hands and seals, of the name they take upon themselves, and shall transmit such certificate to the county clerk, who shall forthwith record the same, for which service he shall be entitled to receive the fee provided in section 22:2-19 of the title Fees and Costs.  Thereupon the trustees and their successors shall be a corporation by the name stated in the certificate.

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